Harry Potter (harry_lives) wrote in goldensnitchrpg,
Harry Potter

*Locked to my fiance</i> Luna*

Harry was relieved that Luna was coming down to the library to distract him from his paper. He couldn't concentrate on much lately, other than the impending birth of their baby. Though he was still frightened, he couldn't wait for the first time he would hold their baby in his arms.
They would live at Grimmauld Place until the war was over. Knowing that a little piece of him and Luna was growing inside of her gave him a newfound courage that he never thought he had. He would defeat Voldemort for all of wizardkind, yes, but also so his child could live and flourish.
They would be a family. And their son or daughter would grow up with Ron and Blaise's children. And they would be happy.
Harry was caught in his reverie when he felt two familiar hands come around his chest.
"Mmm..hello, love. I hope I didn't disturb you."
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