Susan Leigh Bones (lespetitebones) wrote in goldensnitchrpg,
Susan Leigh Bones

for my hufflepuff baby; locked!

Susan toyed nervously with her now dark red hair as she walked toward the Common Room, humming quietly beneath her breath. Had she done something to upset Justin, or were they going to have a regular friendly chat? The last time they had, though she had ended up with her top almost off. The thought of the day they had spent in her pool caused a pink tint to illuminate her cheeks, and she quickly pushed the memory out of her mind to prevent further blushing. "Don't let yourself go, because everybody cries and everybody hurts sometimes," she sang quietly, only audible if one was paying attention to every sound detail in the empty corridor. She was sure a few portraits could hear her soft singing, though she didn't seem to mind.

Upon reaching the Room of Requirement, she placed her hand on the doorknob and paused; what was she going to say? And why on earth was she so nervous if she was only going to meet Justin? She convinced herself it was silly of her to be so shy, and finally walked into the room. Her eyes automatically found the Hufflepuff boy, he looked comfortable and was obviously pleased she had worn the dress. Shyly, she glanced down at the white sundress he had given her for Christmas, which fit perfectly in more places than one. "Have you been waiting long?"
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