greengrass, daphne. (grassleaves) wrote in goldensnitchrpg,
greengrass, daphne.

diseased daphne makes an appearance! -- locked

After careful planning, Daphne chose the time on Sunday evening when there would be less people in the corridors, and that happened to be that night's dinner. As soon as the Common Room emptied, she hopped off of the large armchair she had been sitting in, grabbing a tissue box and draping her thick blanket over her shoulders. She headed toward Roger's room, sniffling the entire way, looking like some sort of bag lady with a blanket for a home. Instead of knocking when she arrived at his door, which was impossible considering one hand was firmly clutching the box and the other her blanket, she shifted around the items and opened the door to his room. His room was cut off from her vision as the part of the blanket covering her head fell forward and shielded her eyes. "Roger?"
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