Fleur Élodie Delacour (delacour_) wrote in goldensnitchrpg,
Fleur Élodie Delacour

hogsmeade weekend; open.

Fleur had volunteered to chaperone May's first Hogsmeade weekend for one reason and one reason only; she had wanted to stop by Madam Malkin's to ask about her wedding dress. She felt a bit shy about going wedding dress shopping, even though her engagement wasn't a bit secret, and so she had managed to pull away from the crowd of Professors to head toward the nearest wedding dress shop. Arriving at a rather large anf fancy looking boutique, she glanced in the window and gave a happy sigh.

The dresses were set up all in a row, each one looking elegant and beautiful under the light going through the window. She was almost mesmerized by the sight, and began slowly walking toward the door. Before she reached the entrance, however, she ran straight into another person, stumbling backwards as she tried to regain her balance. "Oh, mon Dieu!"
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