Neville Longbottom (sweetneville) wrote in goldensnitchrpg,
Neville Longbottom

*Locked to Suzie Blue Eyes*

Neville had begun to get ready early for his date with Susan, and was now sitting around anxiously staring at the clock.
At five minutes to 6, he made his way to her house to pick her up.
He felt very nervous. This was his first date since Luna and he didn't want to give Susan the impression that he was still hooked on his ex. Because he really wasn't anymore. He wanted to start fresh, and Susan was a nice girl. Which was probably what was making him even more nervous.
He knew quite well that he was getting the reputation as a wanker as a result of his actions toward Luna in the aftermath of their breakup, and he seriously didn't care. He knew the truth, and obviously Susan didn't think he was a wanker since she accepted his date.
He arrived outside the Hufflepuff entryway just as it opened, Susan stepping out.
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