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** Roger **

Cho left the Ravenclaw commonroom and headed down to the Entrance Hall with a light jacket. She heard it was abit cool, so she wanted to keep warm. This is the thrid walk she's gone on for the past few weeks, and she was glad. She accually had the time from crying over things to studying, to accually going out and having a bit of fresh air.
She didn't really know why she really wanted to walk with Roger, she even felt abit nervous. She knew that Roger had a girlfriend, the one that yelled at her for putting things in her journal. SHe shivered, she didn't want to think about that. Admitted is she, that she did cry a bit after that little fiasco. She didn't understand why she was so sensitive. Oh Well, she thought, I'll just talk about quiddtch or something...
She lingered on down the steps closer to the Entrance Hall waiting for Roger to arrive.
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