Padma Patil (not_vati) wrote in goldensnitchrpg,
Padma Patil

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Padma layed on the warm grass, the sun pouring into her. She sighed happily, stretching and arching her back a bit before resting again on the grass. She wondered, slightly, if any of the boys were gawking as theywalked by, and then laughed a bit because she knew they were. She even thought she saw one standing by a tree, staring at her when she rolled onto her stomach.

She'd performed some beauty charms recently, nothing too drastic, as she was already pretty satisfied with her looks, but she made her lips slightly more puffy, her hair slightly curled at the bottom and her eyes a lighter brown. She ran her hands over her tight stomach, brushing over the piercing she and Vati had both gotten two summers ago, but she rarely showed.

Someone suddenly stood over her, blocking her light, and she opened her eyes to see who it was.
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